2015/07/01 15:40

Open Access - London Stock Exchange Group 자본시장 핀테크

Globalisation. Technology. Information. The world’s financial markets are changing.

‘Open Access’ is the principle that will drive this dramatic shift in the way in which financial markets work.
Competition, transparency, innovation and clarity are coming to European capital markets through the implementation of MiFID II and EMIR.

In the age of the Internet you wouldn’t expect to be forced to buy your home, life, travel and car insurance from a single supplier, for a single bundled fee.

Open Access is about giving customers and market participants around the world the freedom to choose where to list, where to trade, clear, or settle.

From LCH.Clearnet to FTSE, from UnaVista to Elite, and from Turquoise to globeSettle; across the world, across business and asset classes, it enshrines our values of partnership, integrity, excellence and innovation.
It is how we believe markets should and will work.
Greater Choice. Greater Transparency. Open Access.



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